SUSTech welcomes Peking Opera masters to campus
Chris Edwards | 11/20/2019

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) welcomed the 2019 Shenzhen opera masters and famous dramatists to campus. The event saw many people’s eyes to SUSTech through cable television and webcasts, as the live broadcast of the production was transmitted throughout campus and across the country.

Earlier in the afternoon, the Peking Opera Historical and Cultural Photo & Apparel Exhibition demonstrated the development of Peking Opera through the ages. A wide variety of costumes show the students the importance of non-verbal communication and the intricacy behind costume design.

The Faculty Club House was full well before the start of the performance, with murmurs of excitement wandering throughout the theater. When the performance started at 7pm, the entire audience was enthralled to the point of silence. The entrancement in the concert was later reflected by students learning from the opera masters on stage.

The silence was broken with a performance of “Picking the Pulley,” with the audience full of passion for the concert. Several experts performed a piece from a second opera, called “ady General Mu Takes Command”

The fervent response from the audience saw an impromptu recital of “Yang Silang Visits His Mother” from the host and other famous performers to tremendous applause. All actors were involved in the final performance of the evening, the song “Ode to Pear Blossoms.”

The Shuren College Peking Opera Club received an enormous gift in this event from the actors and masters performing. It brought a fantastic opportunity for everyone to truly enjoy & experience Peking Opera on campus. Many faculty members and students flocked to the performance to appreciate this form of traditional Chinese culture.

2019, 11-20
By Chris Edwards

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