Department of Biology Holds 2019 Scientific Advisory Board Meeting
Chris Edwards | 11/30/2019

From November 25 to 26, the Department of Biology at Southern University of Science and Technology invited highly regarded biologists and academic leaders for its Scientific Advisory Board Meeting, to help the Department of Biology progress further. Department of Biology Head Chen Wei attended and chaired the Scientific Advisory Board Meeting. He was joined by Deputy Head (Teaching) Hou Shengtao, Deputy Head (Research) Guo Hongwei, Professor Xiao Guozhi and Professor Du Jiamu.

Max Planck Institute for Brain Research Schuman Department Director Erin Margaret Schuman joined University of California Riverside (UCR) Department of Botany and Plant Sciences Distinguished Professor Xuemei Chen, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSK Cancer Center) Laboratory Head Dinshaw J. Patel (National Academy of Sciences Fellow), and Academy of Military Medical Sciences Professor Wang Yizheng on the Department of Biology Scientific Advisory Board.

Chen Wei briefed the meeting on the development of the Department, with Hou Shengtao & Guo Hongwei going into more detail on their respective responsibilities. The heads of different disciplines spoke about the development of their fields.

Attendees and experts had intense and in-depth discussions about crucial issues, putting forth relevant suggestions that covered topics like undergraduate education, scientific research, and the foundation of talent pipelines.

On November 26, the Scientific Advisory Board took in 16 oral research reports and provided constructive feedback based on their own experimental experience.

The Scientific Advisory Board finished their time at SUSTech by meeting with SUSTech President Chen Shiyi, sharing their views on the development of the Department of Biology and the biological sciences discipline at SUSTech. They provided specific suggestions for the next stage of growth for the Department of Biology, as it accelerates towards becoming a first-class discipline.

2019, 11-30
By Chris Edwards

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