SUSTech encourages coordination on NSFC applications
Chris Edwards | 11/28/2019

November 26 saw scientific researchers across Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) come together to learn about National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) funding applications in 2020. The Office of Research organized this half-day workshop, attended by SUSTech President Chen Shiyi, Acting Vice President (Research) Zhao Yusheng, and hundreds of researchers, staff, and faculty members. The workshop was chaired by Acting Vice President (Research) Zhao Yusheng.

At the workshop, President Chen Shiyi congratulated everyone on their achievements in basic research and the great strides that had been made in NSFC funding. He pointed out that the number of applications, approved projects, and approved funding increases every year, and the overall funding rate has remained high for the last five years. SUSTech has also made many breakthroughs in receiving funding for major scientific instrument projects and major projects.

President Chen pointed out that each department should focus on the major strategic needs of the country by relying on its superior disciplines. They should strengthen interdisciplinary integration to enhance the innovative capability of scientific and technological research. Each department ought to work to improve SUSTech’s positioning for further funding for major projects and major scientific instrument projects. SUSTech must perfect its talent pipeline of creative scientific and technological leaders for the new era. Team projects should strive to make significant breakthroughs in 2020.

Acting Vice President (Research) Zhao Yusheng encouraged faculty members and researchers to devote themselves to basic research at the cutting edge of scientific exploration. He encouraged the undertaking of interdisciplinary research to augment their innovative abilities.

Acting Vice President (Research) Zhao Yusheng made the point that basic research is vital in promoting applied research, with new technology derived from basic theory. Strengthening basic research is critical for the enrichment of China’s innovative intellectual capital. He hoped that all faculty members and departments would take a long-term view that contributes to regional and national strategic development.

NSFC Office of Research Integrity Development Deputy Director He Jie spoke about “Research Integrity Development in the New Era,” highlighting the mechanisms that his department uses to root out academic misconduct. He used some recent case studies to show the attending researchers the importance of ethical scientific research.

Department of Earth and Space Sciences (ESS) Head Chen Xiaofei reflected on the process ESS went through in their funding applications in 2019. He provided professional advice from the perspective of both a funding review expert and a project leader.

Office of Research Deputy Director Gong Yi discussed NSFC project applications and funding in 2019. He went into great detail into SUSTech’s fundings, examining the different types of projects that received funding in individual departments.

Office of Research staff member Su Fen talked about the importance of being detail-oriented when preparing a funding application. She stressed the value of paying attention to every aspect, as small facets of an application could determine its success or failure.

2019, 11-28
By Chris Edwards

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