SUSTech Education Foundation receives joint donation
Chris Edwards | 11/20/2019

On November 15, the SUSTech Education Foundation (Education Foundation) launched the Beijing Nanyan Student Development Special Fund (Nanyan Fund). The Nanyan Fund is the first fund jointly sponsored by both the parents of students and admissions staff to promote the development of students from a specific area: in this case, Beijing.

Parent representative from Beijing Liu Xiaoli, Deputy Director of SUSTech Global Li Xu, Beijing Nanyan Fund sponsor Liu Li, Office of Admissions deputy director Lv Haoyi, Education Foundation Secretary-General Tu Ronghui were joined by several sponsoring students and Education Foundation staff.

The Beijing Nanyan Fund will support every student from Beijing from the moment they are admitted until they graduate. It seeks to encourage Beijing students to organize activities, promote their mental, physical, and emotional health, and helping them grow into the future leaders of the new era.

Beijing parent representative Liu Xiaoli thanked the Beijing admissions team and SUSTech. The Beijing parents had responded enthusiastically and hoped to support their “little birds.”

Deputy Director of SUSTech Global Li Xu reviewed the establishment of the Beijing Nanyan Fund, reflecting on the care given by the teachers in the Beijing Admissions Group once the students have enrolled. She hoped that the Beijing Nanyan Fund would encourage more Beijing students to take on overseas study, and promote the work of SUSTech in Beijing.

Beijing Nanyan Fund sponsor Liu Li spoke on behalf of the Office of Admissions and congratulated everyone for the establishment of the Beijing Nanyan Fund. The generous donations of the parents meant that they would be able to support their outstanding offspring, who have always adapted to the unique circumstances of SUSTech. It is hoped that the Beijing Nanyan Fund inspires the other 21 provinces and cities to generate similar funds to support their own student bodies.

Education Foundation Secretary-General Tu Ronghui thanked everyone for their kindness and support. She reiterated the importance of students for SUSTech, and the Education Foundation is very keen to support student growth at SUSTech. Student development is an essential mission of the Education Foundation and it will help the Beijing Nanyan Fund gather more support from society.

2019, 11-20
By Chris Edwards

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