SUSTech students win awards in National Software Testing Finals for College Students
Chris Edwards | 12/08/2019

This year, undergraduate students from the Intelligent Software Engineering Group (ISEG) within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) have continued to do well in the National Software Testing Finals for College Students.

Class of 2021 student Li Shuqing won the individual developer’s test, among other awards, to claim first place nationally. Class of 2020 student Liu Yi came 2nd in the individual developer’s test and second in the country. Class of 2021 student Zhou Ying also claimed a 1st place in the individual developer’s test on their way to a nationwide 4th place. Several students also won prizes within Guangdong Province.

The Contest is supported by the Ministry of Education, the National Higher Education Institution and several Chinese computing and software societies. It is the fourth year that the competition has been held, with more than ten thousand students from more than 200 universities vying for just over 500 places in the National Final.

The 2019 National Student Contest of Software Testing sets up individual competitions for all college students. There are different sorts of tests, including developer testing, mobile application testing, and web application testing, all using built-in systems. The contest topics come from open-source communities and software companies. The contest is divided into the June summer qualifiers and the October fall qualifiers, the regional finals, and the finals. Each round of competition is independently scored and awarded.

ISEG-CSE currently has four instructors, including Chair Professor Yao Xin and Assistant Professors Zhang Yuqun, Liu Yepang, and Chen Xinhui. Their research focuses primarily on search-based software engineering, software testing and analysis, automatic software repair, service computing, mobile computing, and software security. Results have been published in top software engineering journals and conferences. They have won many honors, including three ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper awards and one ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Artifact award.

2019, 12-08
By Chris Edwards

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