MAE holds Mesoscopic CFD seminar
Chris Edwards | 12/14/2019

From December 10 to 11, the Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) hosted a seminar on “Mesoscopic CFD: Demand, Challenge, Frontier, Application.” Thirty-five presentations from top universities around mainland China and Hong Kong were reported, with more than 60 representatives from 27 universities and research institutions.

The attending experts discussed the latest developments in their fields. The seminar aimed to promote the vigorous development of mesoscopic physical modeling and associated techniques in computational fluid dynamics. Applications ranged from the sky (hypersonic rarefied gas flows) to below ground (shale gas extraction).

The opening ceremony on December 10 was chaired by MAE Department Head Chair Professor Shan Xiaowen. He thanked everyone for coming to SUSTech and spoke about the department’s development. He hoped that the seminar would enhance academic partnerships through improved communication between fellow scholars. He anticipated that there would be further joint efforts to continue the development of computational fluid mechanics in China.

Following the opening ceremony, SUSTech’s Acting Vice President Zhang Dongxiao presented an academic talk entitled “Deep learning of subsurface flow via a theory-guided neural network.”

He was followed by Professor Jiang Zonglin from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who spoke about “Theory, Technology, and Practice of Ultra-High-Speed Wind Tunnels.” Professor Tang Huazhong from Peking University addressed the audience with a report entitled “Second-order accurate genuine BGK schemes for the ultra-relativistic flow simulations.”

The President of Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC), Prof Tang Tao, presented his research entitled “On high order numerical methods for compressible fluid dynamics” on the morning of December 11. Several MAE faculty members followed his address with their own reports. All speeches were well-received, and participants took many questions from the attendees.

The seminar saw a diverse range of talented mechanical engineers gathered together, discussing the cutting-edge of gas kinetic research computational fluid dynamics in China. It promoted research cooperation between different universities while broadening the interest in the Department for further collaboration.

2019, 12-14
By Chris Edwards

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