PKU professor speaks on international relations at SUSTech
Chris Edwards | 12/15/2019

On December 13, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) welcomed Peking University (PKU) School of International Studies Dean Wang Jisi to campus. He gave the 248th lecture in the SUSTech Lecture Series on the topic of “The General Trend of World Politics and the Current State of Sino-US Relations.”

Professor Wang Jisi is the president of the Institute of International and Strategic Studies at Peking University. He is also an honorary president of the Chinese Association for American Studies (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) and was a member of the Foreign Policy Advisory Committee of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2008-2016. He has served as an advisor to several international institutions and journals, including the Asia Society Policy Institute, School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the American University in Cairo, the journal The American Interest, and the journal Global Asia. Professor Wang’s scholarly interests cover U.S. foreign policy, China’s international relations, Asian security, and global politics in general.

Professor Wang Jisi pointed out that peace and development are the ultimate goals of our times. He analyzed the current geo-political situation from four different aspects, saying that technological innovation is a double-edged sword. Professor Wang also assessed Sino-US relations from four points of view.

His lecture attracted a highly-varied audience from across the Shenzhen community, with the lecture theatre full, every aisle packed with students and staff, and even the entrance crowded with on-lookers.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean Chen Yuehong joined Professor Wang Jisi in holding a Q&A after his well-received lecture. They both took many questions in a lively atmosphere.

This lecture was also the 111th lecture in the Center for the Humanities Special Lecture Series by Outstanding Scholars in the Humanities. It has become a calling card for the Center for the Humanities, inviting many scholars from the liberal arts to provide a unique aspect to SUSTech’s academic culture.

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