School of Medicine receives approval for new major
Chris Edwards | 12/18/2019

Between December 11 and 12, the School of Medicine at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) conducted a review into its new biomedical science major for undergraduate students. Several outside experts carried out onset inspection that is an integral part of the undergraduate degree approval process for the newly established biomedical sciences major. School of Medicine Dean Xing Mingzhao, Medical Affairs Office Director Zhang Wenyong, and Professor Zhang Jian all attended the panel discussion meeting.

The expert group conducted rigorous inspection from several aspects, including teaching and research facilities, teaching results, regulation, and course documentation. They also spoke with many of the teaching staff and the students that are undertaking the biomedical science major. The expert group made many vital suggestions to improve the discipline while affirming the achievements of SUSTech and the School of Medicine.

During the briefing session, the expert panel concluded that the biomedical sciences major at the School of Medicine provides an innovative curriculum with world-class faculty, high-quality teaching facilities and excellent results. The global outlook of the School of Medicine supports the development of undergraduate training. They made several suggestions for further progress of the discipline including increasing the number of laboratory teaching staff.

2019, 12-18
By Chris Edwards

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