Shuli College holds popular science engineering contest
Chris Edwards | 12/18/2019

On December 15, Shuli College at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held the first “SUSTech Popular Science Engineering Contest.” The Shuli College Popular Science Club worked with the College of Science, College of Engineering, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the 1st Experimental Primary School Affiliated to SUSTech to hold three different events.

Department of Ocean Science and Engineering (OSE) Chair Professor Liu Qingsong mentored the Shuli College Popular Science Club and was there on the day to oversee the activities. More than 60 faculty members, staff and family members attended the event. Chair Professor Liu Qingsong welcomed all the teams, saying that popular science is vital for a research university like SUSTech. He encouraged SUSTech students to enjoy popular science activities as they will find vibrant and exciting aspects of their own research in it.

The Shuli College Popular Science Engineering Contest organized three different contests. Participating teams were given 12 days to prepare for each competition by using everyday materials to make their own entries for the competition day. Each group was asked to develop their own unmanned aircraft, trebuchet and wooden bridge.

Faculty members and students praised the event, and the professors in attendance answered many questions from the participating teams. As part of the day, Professor Liu Qingsong, Associate Professor Ke Wende, Associate Professor Liu Xinyuan, Assistant Professor Feng Lian, Assistant Professor Tang Bo and Associate Professor Luo Dan all presented their latest research.

The SUSTech Science and Technology Society promotes science education by serving the SUSTech community. The Shuli College Popular Science Club has carried out several different activities that cultivate a sense of social responsibility.

2019, 12-18
By Chris Edwards

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