Twelve Angry Men performed by Monsoon Drama Club
Chris Edwards | 12/21/2019

On December 21, the Monsoon Drama Club of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) performed “Twelve Angry Men.” Runyang Stadium was packed with nearly one thousand members of the SUSTech community and local members of the community to watch the performance.

Under the direction of the SUSTech Art Center, the Monsoon Drama Club had adapted the classic movie, “12 Angry Men.” The story tells of a jury of twelve men who are determining the guilt or innocence of an eighteen-year-old accused of killing his adoptive father. While eleven jurors are convinced the young man is guilty, one juror is convinced of his innocence and takes the challenging role of convincing each juror to reassess the evidence and seek the truth. To produce such a theatrical performance for 90 minutes is a considerable challenge for student actors.

The Monsoon Drama Club underwent four months of intensive rehearsal, with students from different grades and majors. Many students on stage were new to drama and had never taken part in dramatic training previously. Every aspect of the production was run by members of the Monsoon Drama Club.

Director and Zhicheng College undergraduate Li Junyou said, “After rehearsals, each actor’s effort was not wasted, and everyone’s progress is evident. The tacit understanding is also gradually established in each rehearsal and gathering outside the rehearsal. An art troupe gathered by interest is gradually transformed into a professional and efficient team. In the play, there are joys and sorrows. Out of the play, there are joys of progress and enjoyment of art in the rehearsal process.”

On December 10, the Monsoon Drama Club was invited to perform “Twelve Angry Men” at the Music Theme Museum of the Futian Cultural Center.

2019, 12-21
By Chris Edwards

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