SUSTech holds poetry reading competition
Chris Edwards | 12/24/2019

On December 22, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) enjoyed the Winter Solstice with an English and Chinese poetry reading that filled Runyang Stadium. The poetry reading celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China, with both the Center for Language Education (CLE) and the Arts Center working together. 20 students from all six residential colleges took the stage to recite the Chinese poem of their choice in both Chinese and English.

Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Research and Development Center Deputy Director Zhao Deyun, Peking University Asian Studies Institute Visiting Professor Lan Hua, Jinan University College of Chinese Language and Culture Professor Wu Wei and Nanjing University School of Journalism and Communications Visiting Professor Shi Ke were invited to be independent external judges. School of Humanities and the Social Sciences Dean Chen Yuehong, Communications and Public Relations Director Zhang Ling, Student Affairs Director Xue Zheng, and Center for Language Education (CLE) Director Li Yuan were among the SUSTech members who also judged the competition.

Before the competition, CLE Director Li Yuan welcomed everyone to the contest and expressed her joy in hearing everyone’s poetry readings.

The competition was split into two rounds. The first round being a designated recitation, with the twenty finalists divided into 10 groups. They took turns to recite Chinese poetry excerpts and their own takes on Chinese poems in both Chinese and English. The second round of the competition was a Chinese and English recitation of selected Chinese verses in which students have carefully prepared many well-known poems.

Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Research and Development Center Deputy Director Zhao Deyun praised the competition, saying that this sort of challenge allows students to express their own understanding of the pieces. The use of two different languages enables competitors to meld their comprehension of each piece of poetry into one consistent piece of information. He hoped that SUSTech would continue to take the lead in these opportunities in the future.

Zhiren College student Xie Xinyan won first prize after all ten judges completed their scoring.

Zhicheng College students Qin Guoyang and Zhang Xinyi claimed second place, and four students earned third prize.

A unique translation award was issued for those students who translated poems, with international student Kenneth Zhang among the five winners.

School of Humanities and the Social Sciences Dean Chen Yuehong said in closing the competition that it was an essential platform for developing comprehensive talents for the new era. SUSTech students would benefit from such campus activities, and Dean Chen Yuehong hoped that there would be further participation in such competitions in the future across campus.

2019, 12-24
By Chris Edwards

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