SUSTech hosted Opera Director performance
Chris Edwards | 12/30/2019

On December 22nd, the final performance of the National Opera Talent Training Project sponsored by the National Arts Foundation and Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), had their final shows at the Concert Hall at Shenzhen’s Grand Theatre.

Six adapted classics were performed under the direction of twenty young opera directors. Actors from all over the world put together their performances under their six-month study tour. The project specially invited Royal College of Music Vocal Repertoire Coach Simon Lepper, Professor Chen Yi, Pulitzer Prize winner Zhou Long, German-based conductor Liu Yu, young French-based pianist Na Jia and Russian pianist Liu Keting to mentor the students.

It is reported that the National Art Fund’s “Opera Director Training Project” is the first national art fund project undertaken by SUSTech. The project was approved by the National Art fund, with total available funds of 1.5 million RMB with Bi Baoyi as the project leader cooperating with Chen Qianyi. The project seeks to develop opera and train high-quality opera directors to build and cultivate a high-quality art talent platform in China. It will play an essential role in promoting the development of music in China, strengthening the development of operatic director talents, supporting China’s cultural soft power, and cultivating high-end artistic talents for the country.

The six operas were “The Magic Flute,” “Die Fledermaus (in English, The Flittermouse or the Bat),” “The Jester (adapted from The King’s Fun),” “La bohème,” “The Telephone (L’Amour à Trois),” and “Don Juan.” All six operas provided a different perspective from their traditional performance to give the audience a modern understanding of their art.

SUSTech Arts Center Director and Professor Bi Baoyi said that the students had provided some excellent performances, and after six months of concentrated learning, these young artists and operatic directors have significantly improved the talent pool in China. The evening’s performance was not only a final examination for these talented individuals but sets them on a new path towards directing their own operas in the future.

2019, 12-30
By Chris Edwards

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