School of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean gives first lecture at National Library for 2020
Chris Edwards | 01/04/2020

On January 1, School of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean Professor Chen Yuehong was invited to the National Library of China to give the first lecture of 2020 of the “Wenjin Forum” lecture series.

Professor Chen Yuehong spoke about “The Poet Hanshan’s Journey to the World,” in which he analyzed the characteristics of the poet Hanshan in Japan, the United States and Europe. He integrated theories of comparative literature and culture to explain the complex symbolic significance of Hanshan as the “mirror image of western culture era,” and the “symbol of harmony” of folk culture.

Professor Chen Yuehong dismantled the mysteries surrounding Hanshan, restoring the multiple images of Hanshan in historical time and space. He pointed out that the different pictures of Hanshan in different times and places is a reflection of a poet with a real vitality that will continue to grow over time.

His lecture was easy to explain, with more than three hundred people in attendance.

The Wenjin Forum is a renowned lecture series that has been running for several years. Famous scholars from across mainland China have been invited to give lectures at the Wenjin Forum.

2020, 01-04
By Chris Edwards

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