Center for Higher Education Research at SUSTech holds seminar to study SUSTech
Chris Edwards | 01/07/2020

On January 5, the Center for Higher Education Research (CHER) at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held its first seminar to study SUSTech’s development. Over fifth people from across campus attended the seminar that was chaired by CHER Director Shen Hong. Attendees of the seminar included many members of the leadership, as well as representatives from offices all of SUSTech.

“Studying SUSTech” has become a key research field for CHER, with the seminar aiming to carry out in-depth research into SUSTech’s development path.

CHER Director Shen Hong discussed the similarities and differences between the theme of the seminar, university-based research, and academic research. She went on to explain that “Studying SUSTech” uses university data and practical information for a bottom-up study of the growth of SUSTech. CHER will focus on six major areas, including student development, higher education evaluation, informatization, internationalization, and big data. Director Shen Hong added that the entire University would work together to progress SUSTech through high-quality research.

Attendees provided several essential suggestions in their active participation in the seminar.

2020, 01-07
By Chris Edwards

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