College of Science holds Lunar New Year Party
Chris Edwards | 01/11/2020

On January 10, the College of Science at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held a Chinese New Year Party. More than 150 faculty members, staff and students came together ahead of the Lunar New Year, with Communications & Public Relations Director Zhang Ling, Human Resources Director Chen Zhifeng, College of Science Dean Yang Xueming, Department of Chemistry Head Zheng Zhiping and Grubbs Research Institute Executive Dean Xia Haiping all attending the festivities.

The hip hop club opened the night with a sizzling performance. College of Science Dean Yang Xueming presented his Lunar New Year messages and reviewed the achievements of the College of Science over the last two years. He highlighted the outstanding accomplishments in basic research and encouraged everyone within the College of Science to remain consistent in their scientific progress.

Department of Physics Associate Professor Zhang Liyuan thanked everyone in attendance on behalf of the faculty. He said he would remain dedicated to his scientific research as he moved towards his long term goals.

There were many delightful performances, supported by a colorful audio-visual feast.

Department of Chemistry Head Zheng Zhiping sung “Skyline,” earning enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Various groups also performed, including the children of faculty members.

2020, 01-11
By Chris Edwards

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