SUSTech ranks 91st in 2020 Nature Index ranking
Chris Edwards | 01/29/2020

In recent days, Nature Index published its 2020 Institutional Index, with Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) ranking 91st in the world and 19th in China, with a fractional count (FC) of 122.33.

This is a significant improvement in SUSTech’s position since first being ranked in 2015. SUSTech has risen nearly 400 places globally and 45 places across China (universities in Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan Province included).

Nature Index posted its Young Universities 2019 supplement in October last year, ranking young universities that are 50 years old or less. In that list, SUSTech was ranked 7th in the world.

Nature Research has been publishing its Nature Index in its new format since 2014, assessing the papers in eighty-two natural science journals across fields such as chemistry, earth & environmental sciences, life sciences, and physics. Nature Index tracks the information of authors of about 60,000 high-quality scientific papers, covering more than 20,000 research institutions worldwide.

The 82 source journals were selected by two independent selection teams composed of working scientists around the world, divided into four categories: chemistry, earth, and environmental sciences, life sciences, and physics. As a new scientific research evaluation index, the Nature Index plays an essential role in evaluating scientific research institutions’ output of high-level international academic achievements.    

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