SUSTech 2019-nCoV Prevention Working Group meets
Chris Edwards | 02/10/2020

On February 10, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held an expanded meeting of its 2019-nCoV Prevention Working Group (Working Group). The combined on-site and video conference meeting featured all the leaders, including University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong, President Chen Shiyi, Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang, Vice President Lu Chun, Vice-President Zhang Dongxiao, and Secretary-General Chen Siqi. The meeting was chaired by Chairperson Guo Yurong.

University Council Vice Chairperson Li Fengliang discussed the development of epidemic prevention and control under national, provincial, and municipal health departments regulations. SUSTech has delayed the start of the spring semester and required the student community to stay home. SUSTech continues to work with students and staff impacted by this on-going situation, understanding the complexities involved across the country and around the world. The Teaching Affairs Office, Graduate School, and Student Affairs Office will continue to update all students as new information becomes available.

Secretary-General Chen Siqi spoke about the work done in keeping the SUSTech community safe and the next steps to be taken. He highlighted the positive actions taken by many teams to work throughout this challenging time. There are still risks to be accounted for, and SUSTech will remain resolute in its efforts to protect the community.

Vice President Lu Chun talked about the efforts behind the epidemic prevention and control. Teams have looked after food security on campus while managing vital infrastructure and keeping the campus disinfected.

Vice President Zhang Dongxiao spoke about the commencement of online teaching and the opportunities that have arisen as a result. He also spoke about other issues that will affect SUSTech going forward, including the Commencement Ceremony and work of the admissions teams.

President Chen Shiyi thanked everyone for their hard work. He pointed out that this is a critical time for the SUSTech community. The prevention and control of 2019-nCoV require the unyielding energies of everyone at SUSTech. President Chen Shiyi encouraged everyone to look after the physical and mental health of each other, while the admissions teams should investigate new ways of recruiting undergraduate and postgraduate students. He reminded everyone that the high standards of teaching and research should remain at this challenging time.

In closing the meeting, Chairperson Guo Yurong affirmed the effectiveness of everybody’s work and encouraged them to remain committed to their endeavors in epidemic prevention and control, while caring for the SUSTech community. She asked everyone to stay committed to the resolutions of the meeting so SUSTech can work together in keeping the community safe.

2020, 02-10
By Chris Edwards

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