SUSTech-developed anti-fog wipes aiding in the fight against Covid-19
Chris Edwards | 02/17/2020

The battle against the evolving novel coronavirus (Covid-19) situation in mainland China and around the world is an ongoing one. Doctors and nurses need to maintain their equipment, including their goggles. Working for extended times often results in their goggles fogging up, impacting their ability to treat their patients.

Associate Professor Sun Dazhi from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) led his research group to develop an anti-fog disinfectant wipe suitable for goggles rapidly. These simple wet wipes ensure that the goggle lens remains fog-free for at least twenty-four hours while being non-toxic to the human eyes and effective at killing bacteria. These wipes ensure clean equipment throughout the entire day and make it easier for our health care workers in the battle against Covid-19.

MSE Associate Professor Sun Dazhi and his research group worked with Zhang Zhi, an MSE graduate, and Shenzhen Nanke New Material Technology Co., Ltd., to develop their wet wipes.

These anti-fog disinfectant wet wipes feature unique, safe, and non-toxic nano-materials that forms a long-lasting transparent hydrophilic protective film on the surface of the lens after being wiped. The protective film significantly reduces the surface tension of water droplets and the possibility of light scattering, thereby eliminating the issue of fogging. A 75% alcohol-based solvent component is incorporated into the wipes to destroy the organic structure of bacterial viruses.

MSE Associate Professor Sun Dazhi said that “The inconveniences and difficulties encountered by front-line medical staff are worrying. At SUSTech, we can pursue excellence in innovation to fight against Covid-19 with our scientific and technological know-how.”

On February 17, MSE Associate Professor Sun Dazhi’s team donated 100 barrels of anti-fog wipes to the Second Affiliated Hospital of SUSTech (Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital). SUSTech University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong and Second Affiliated Hospital of SUSTech president Liu Lei witnessed the donation.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of SUSTech is the National Research Center for Infectious Diseases and the first national clinical research center for Shenzhen. It has been the main hospital dealing with Covid-19, within SUSTech’s philosophical pillars of “research, innovation and entrepreneurship.”

SUSTech is encouraging all its faculty, staff, and students to utilize all the resources to contribute to the battle against Covid-19.

2020, 02-17
By Chris Edwards

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