SUSTech Chairperson leads delegation to Second Affiliated Hospital
Chris Edwards | 02/17/2020

On February 17, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong led a delegation to the Second Affiliated Hospital of SUSTech (Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital), who brought protective equipment and donations to front-line medical staff. She was joined by several leaders from SUSTech and its Second Affiliated Hospital.

Chairperson Guo Yurong thanked all the front-line medical staff for their efforts in fighting against COVID-19. In the last two years, the SUSTech and the Second Affiliated Hospital of SUSTech have worked together through the combination of strong medical and educational resources to build a high-level School of Medicine at SUSTech.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of SUSTech has considerable experience in fighting against infectious diseases. As soon as the disease hit, the Second Affiliated Hospital of SUSTech has taken the responsibility of accepting patients to fighting against the epidemic. SUSTech has maintained its people-centered focus, and the selfless fighting spirit of the medical workers has inspired the entire SUSTech community.

Guo Yurong said that everyone would use the unique strengths of Shenzhen and SUSTech to continue to work together to win the battle against COVID-19.

Second Affiliated Hospital President Liu Lei thanked SUSTech for their sympathy and ongoing support. He introduced the efforts that the Second Affiliated Hospital is doing to the treatment of patients while preventing and controlling COVID-19.

As of the afternoon of February 16th, 131 patients have been discharged from the hospital following successful two-week-long treatment periods. SUSTech and the Second Affiliated Hospital have followed clinical practice in actively promoting research into new coronavirus antibody detection reagents.

Liu Lei added that the municipal government leadership had worked together with SUSTech during this challenging period to provide confidence to the Second Affiliated Hospital. It will not rest until it has worked with its fellow hospitals across mainland China and around the world to win the battle against COVID-19.

As part of the visit to the Second Affiliated Hospital, Chairperson Guo Yurong provided 100 barrels of anti-fog disinfectant wipes developed by Associate Professor Sun Dazhi from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of SUSTech is the National Research Center for Infectious Diseases and the first national clinical research center for Shenzhen. It has been the major hospital dealing with COVID-19 in Shenzhen.

The School of Medicine has established its “Medical Teaching and Research” interconnected relationship with the Second Affiliated Hospital. Through this relationship, it has organized multiple visits and interactive activities as part of the development of “physician-scientist” pairing and cooperation relationship in clinical and scientific research.

The Second Affiliated Hospital is working with SUSTech to integrate scientific research and clinical resources across multiple platforms to promote clinical education, medical training, scientific research, and culture.

In 2019, more than 30 experts from the Second Affiliated Hospital became graduate tutors of the SUSTech School of Medicine.

SUSTech, with its philosophical pillars of “research, innovation, and entrepreneurship,” is encouraging all its faculty, staff, and students to utilize all the resources to contribute to the battle against COVID-19.

2020, 02-17
By Chris Edwards

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