SUSTech students and faculty members reflect on video broadcast of first lesson of spring semester
| 02/20/2020

On February 20, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held a video broadcast of its “First Lesson” of the 2020 spring semester. The theme of this semester’s class was “Preventing and Containing the Epidemic with Teamwork Spirit and Confidence.” The first lesson was broadcast on Tencent’s online learning platform. It was an opportunity for the entire SUSTech community to understand how the leadership of SUSTech has prioritized the well-being of everyone at SUSTech while minimizing disruption to our students’ education.

Following the class, SUSTech students, staff, and faculty members expressed their feelings about the current situation and the class that had just taken place. They had received an improved understanding of what SUSTech was doing to protect their welfare before their eventual return to campus in the future.

Professor Deng Weiwei from the Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) was encouraged by the class. He noted that society had paid great attention to the phrase “aerosol particle,” given its importance to his field. He hoped that increased knowledge would inspire more interest in basic scientific research and be a stepping stone into applied research.

Professor Shi Jianghong from the School of Environmental Science and Engineering said that the class provided some inspiring morale to the SUSTech community. She believed that the class was a reflection of the positive spirit that shines throughout SUSTech, and everyone at SUSTech will continue to contribute to the nation.

College of Science Party Committee Deputy Secretary Lan Hai said that the first lesson was the embodiment of the SUSTech spirit. He referred to SUSTech University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong’s presentation, in which she spoke about the range of different measures that were put in place at all levels of government as well as by SUSTech to prevent and control COVID-19. It was pointed out that the fight against COVID-19 is a battle for the nation, and only by uniting together will China be able to win the war.

Shuren College student from the Class of 2023, Sui Yuan, said, “We need to be innovative to fight COVID-19. As a student body, we must recharge our batteries, cherish our family time as well as protect all those we hold dear.”

Shuli College student from the Class of 2021, Chen Xuanwu, reflected on the speech from President Chen Shiyi. In his presentation, President Chen Shiyi stressed the importance of scientific development in times of adversity. It provides an enormous opportunity for scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations. Chen Xuanwu believed that as the future scientific and technological leaders of Industry 4.0, the student body should work together to provide new light for the battle against COVID-19.

Zhiren College student from the class of 2021, Chen Zhuo, was inspired to take on new responsibility, saying that he found a new motivation from the presentation.

Department of Ocean Science and Engineering Professor Liu Qingsong ruminated on the presentation, seeing it in terms of SUSTech’s rapid development. He felt that the brave and selfless SUSTech community are the key drivers behind its rapid progress towards becoming a top university.

Department of Chemistry Professor Li Pengfei spoke of the confidence he found in watching the broadcast. He will be an active participant in the prevention and control work against COVID-19 while continuing to contribute to society through his teaching and research.

Department of Information Systems and Management Engineering Professor Qian Congren said that the best contribution every member of the SUSTech community can make at this time is to remain committed to their work.

Student Affairs Office Professor Liu Quan said that the faculty at the School of Medicine are fully committed to training the students to become the angels in white that can eliminate human diseases soon. Students in the Department of Biology and the Department of Biomedical Engineering will also be able to seize the research opportunities arising from COVID-19.

MAE Associate Professor Huang Shidi took a scientific approach to the class, in that he asks key questions for his students to answer. Even though COVID-19 is a new virus, the problems are not new, so it provides an opportunity for the new generation to examine for the future.

Preparatory Office of Affiliated Offices Director Song Zengwei found that the rapid response of SUSTech had inspired him and that everyone at SUSTech must maintain their responsibility during this challenging time.

School of Medicine Assistant Professor Li Yu found that the class enhanced the warmth throughout the SUSTech family. He hoped that everyone at SUSTech would be able to contribute to society during the challenge.

College of Engineering Counselor Sun Zhirui referred to Li Fengliang’s presentation. Sun Zhirui specifically cited to the letter sent to the SUSTechers who stayed in Huibei province from Chairperson Guo Yurong and President Chen Shiyi, reminding them to be brave, wise, and compassionate.

Zhiren College student from the Class of 2023, Xu Chi, thought more about the science, given its important role in fighting against COVID-19. In the face of difficulties and dangers, science gives people unlimited power and confidence.

One student from the Class of 2022 in the School of Medicine studying Clinical Medicine said that COVID-19 would inspire her in her studies. She spoke about the role that the faculty members and teachers in the School of Medicine had played in introducing COVID-19 into classes in a variety of classes so that the students could understand it from a variety of different perspectives.

Shuli College student from the Class of 2023, Zhang Bihong, said that “as a SUSTech student, we should have excellent scientific literacy. The class reminded me that our scientific understanding is best for the protection of society. We should continue to plan for and look into the future while we are studying. I am looking forward to coming back to campus soon.”

Shuli College student from the Class of 2021, Lin Mingkai, spoke about the importance of the students cooperating with SUSTech. He would remain committed to contributing to the prevention and control of COVID-19 at SUSTech.

Zhixin College student from the Class of 2023, Ouyang Rujun, supported the efforts of the SUSTech faculty and teaching staff that have shown the importance of scientific innovation and literacy. He highlighted the abundant resources that SUSTech offers to its students and scholars, all of which support the contributions that the SUSTech community makes to society.