SUSTech community reflects on dedication and selflessness
| 02/21/2020

On February 20, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held a video broadcast of its “First Lesson” of the 2020 spring semester. The theme of this semester’s class was “Preventing and Containing the Epidemic with Teamwork Spirit and Confidence.” The first lesson was broadcast on Tencent’s online learning platform. It was an opportunity for the entire SUSTech community to understand how the leadership of SUSTech has prioritized the well-being of everyone at SUSTech while minimizing disruption to our students’ education.

Following the class, SUSTech students, staff, and faculty members expressed their feelings about the current situation and the class that had just taken place. They had received an improved understanding of what SUSTech was doing to protect their welfare before their eventual return to campus in the future.

Department of Ocean Science and Engineering (OSE) Associate Professor Hou Chao said that the online class had strengthened his resolve to defeat COVID-19. There are numerous opportunities to unite as a community, as well as to protect each other’s physical and mental well-being during this challenging period. He looked forward to seeing everyone return to campus soon.

School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Professor Song Zhangqi said that the selflessness of the SUSTech community stood out in the presentation. The leaders developed their teams rapidly to ensure the safety of the SUSTech community. He referred to the communication efforts of Professor Deng Weiwei (Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering) and the research of the team of Associate Professor Sun Dazhi (Department of Materials Science and Engineering).

School of Business Assistant Professor Li Shaobo spoke proudly of the doctors and nurses of the Second Affiliated Hospital of SUSTech and the SUSTech Hospital, as they fight hand in glove against COVID-19. SUSTech researchers have used their scientific research abilities to take advantage of their expertise during this time. The selflessness of the SUSTech community in giving back to Shenzhen and China during this period is a positive reflection on SUSTech as a whole.

School of Business Dean’s Assistant[1] Cai Xiaofang reflected on the story by Second Affiliated Hospital of SUSTech President Liu Lei, saying that the narrative filled her with positivity.

School of Business research assistant Ye Liying felt that the course was inspiring and strengthened the heart for the battle against COVID-19.

Department of Chemistry doctoral candidate Lai Yuemiao was impressed by the presentation of the Second Affiliated Hospital of SUSTech President Liu Lei. He found the dedication of the medical staff who gave up their holidays to be inspiring, giving up the time to be away from their families to be on the front-line to fight for the nation and the world.

Class of 2022 student from Shuli College, Liu Yejing, thanked SUSTech for their rapid response to the crisis. All the logistical and infrastructural staff had remained diligent throughout these challenging days, weeks, and months, and the scholars across SUSTech had remained meticulous in their class preparation.

Class of 2022 student from Shuren College Zhang Xuan is from Hubei Province. Despite the monotony that has been thrust upon him by COVID-19 through this Spring Festival, he has not felt a lack of warmth. “My friends, colleagues, and teachers at SUSTech have reached out to me regularly. I felt lost at the beginning of the outbreak, but the SUSTech community sought me out, wanting me and my family to look after ourselves. We have received significant support from hundreds of miles away, and I will soon return to campus.”

Class of 2023 student from Zhixin College Yang Letian talked about the dedication of the SUSTech community. Several of his friends and classmates are isolated in Wuhan while others have donated their allowances to support the fight against COVID-19, and others have joined volunteer teams. Many chat groups across campus have been full of questions from students, and the educators have done their best to answer them.

Class of 2020 student from Shude College Zheng Jintao said that SUSTech had encouraged the entire community to remain determined to overcome the difficulties associated with COVID-19. SUSTech has displayed its pastoral care for the students, and thus the students are responding by looking out for each other.

OSE Assistant Professor Guo Zhen signified the importance of the traditional New Year dedication, as there is nothing that moves people more than their love and their willingness to move forward. There are no insurmountable odds.

School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Assistant Professor Lu Hongxing spoke about the measures that SUSTech has taken to protect the SUSTech community while ensuring that the education and research work can continue.

Department of Finance masters’ student Geng Xun said that the efforts of SUSTech and its affiliated hospitals reflect well on the online education that is taking place on the Blackboard teaching platform during this period. He is looking forward to coming back to the calming campus in the future.

Class of 2021 student from Zhiren College Zhang Qi felt that they had a better idea of their responsibility to their family, city, and country following the class. Science is the best way to fight COVID-19, and SUSTech will always fight the battle for the nation.

Class of 2022 student of Shude College Zhao Ying found confidence in the presentations of Chairperson Guo Yurong and President Chen Shiyi. The students scattered across the globe can look forward to returning to the nine mountains and one stream of campus soon.

Class of 2020 student from Zhicheng College Yang Zhiyao encouraged his parents to watch the presentation from the SUSTech leadership to learn about appropriate public health measures. Working together, we can overcome COVID-19 and future situations of this nature.

Class of 2022 students from Zhicheng College Xie Rui exhorted her fellow students to dedicate themselves to their scientific and technological development to support the nation during this healthcare struggle. They also paid tribute to all the medical staff fighting on the front-line.

Class of 2021 student of Shude College Li Sibo looked at the destiny of the SUSTech community and its relationship with the scientific development that supports societal progress. Humanity still needs scientists and engineers to operate at the cutting-edge of technology that encourages seeking peace of mind and academic development.

Class of 2021 student of Zhixin College Sun Longchao spoke of the importance of the interdisciplinary approach to science and technology at SUSTech that is supported by the faculty members that discuss emerging and urgent areas of scientific and engineering development. Numerous students and scholars at all levels have provided technical support for national anti-epidemic projects, which reflect the courage and responsibility of the SUSTech community.

Class of 2023 student of Shude College Dai Luyao got a better understanding of the relationship between himself and the broader SUSTech community. He examined his perspective of the protection of the family and the country through the development of scientific development that has brought us to the present day.

[1] I am aware that the Chinese text says something different, but when I met this person, she told me that she was the Dean’s Assistant and presented hersef as such. It may be worth getting this followed up before we publish – I do have her WeChat if necessary.