SUSTech to offer new undergraduate majors in clinical medicine, big data
Chris Edwards | 03/05/2020

Two new majors for Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)’s undergraduate degree program have been approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE). The total number of undergraduate majors has now increased to 31.

The two new majors are:

– Clinical Medicine: Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools (100201KH)

– Big Data Management and Application (120108T)

Clinical Medicine: Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools marks a crucial step for SUSTech as it develops a world-class medical education and continues to innovate across a wide range of medical partnerships.

Big Data Management and Application is the first undergraduate major of the Department of Information Systems and Management Engineering (DISME) within the School of Business. It denotes the further expansion and growth of undergraduate programs at SUSTech.

SUSTech draws on the experience of world-class science and engineering universities for its disciplinary establishment and governance. It focuses on science, engineering, and medicine in conjunction with distinctive disciplines, including business, humanities, and social sciences. The 31 undergraduate majors include 12 science majors, 13 engineering majors, 3 economics majors, 2 majors in medicine (including 1 focusing on Chinese-foreign cooperative education), and 1 management major.

2020, 03-05
By Chris Edwards

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