SUSTech-founded green-energy business to upgrade research center to provincial level
Chris Edwards | 03/07/2020

In recent days, Shenzhen Southerntech Fuel Cell Corp, the enterprise founded at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), has its fuel cell engineering technology research center identified as the” Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center “(Research Center).

With the support of SUSTech, Shenzhen Southerntech Fuel Cell Corp was founded in 2016 by the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering (MEE) Chair Professor Wang Haijiang & Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Chair Professor Li Hui.

The Research Center focuses on the green, low-carbon transformation of Guangdong Province by accelerating the development of the core technologies behind hydrogen fuel cells. Its research and development aim to transform scientific and technological achievements. Professor Wang Haijiang said that he wanted to build the Research Center into an influential hydrogen fuel cell laboratory that combines education, research and commercial applications at SUSTech

Shenzhen Southerntech Fuel Cell Corp has the top fuel cell team in the world and has undertaken many key projects of national significance. It is committed to developing and commercializing hydrogen fuel cell stacks and associated components. Shenzhen Southerntech Fuel Cell Corp has mastered all key technology of designing and manufacturing stacks. Now, its comprehensive research capability is at the world-leading level. It has been identified as a national high-tech enterprise.

SUSTech actively encourages its faculty members, scholars, and students to investigate the commercial potential behind their scientific achievements. The philosophy of “research, innovation, and entrepreneurship,” is fundamentally intertwined with the creative genes that flow throughout Shenzhen. SUSTech fosters an environment for the promotion and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, in conjunction with industry partners. So far, nearly fifty companies have been established on the back of technological developments by the SUSTech community.

2020, 03-07
By Chris Edwards

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