SUSTech wins top prizes in provincial teaching achievement competition
Chris Edwards | 03/16/2020

In recent weeks, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) received first and second prizes in the 2019 Guangdong Education and Teaching Achievement Awards from the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education.

The “631” comprehensive admission evaluation model won first prize, under the leadership of SUSTech President Chen Shiyi. Its deviation from existing admissions models used by mainland Chinese universities has allowed SUSTech to take a holistic view of its enrolment procedures and attract a higher caliber of talents that would contribute to scientific progress and society in the future. Many other universities around China have examined this innovative reform for their adaptations.

The student-centric education on communication engineering that focuses on a student’s ability and aptitude won second prize, led by Professor Gong Yi (Electrical and Electronic Engineering). Their project focused on a comprehensive training and development program that combines theoretical, experimental, and practical education. The implementation of a new engineering curriculum has effectively improved students’ across-the-board training and has prepared them for Industry 4.0.

The Guangdong Provincial Department of Education presents the awards every two years. SUSTech’s success in the higher education section of the awards reflects the effectiveness of our educational theory and practice on campus while continuing to explore innovative reforms in these fields.

2020, 03-16
By Chris Edwards

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