On-campus operations resume
Chris Edwards | 03/17/2020

Following discussions at the highest levels, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) has resumed a significant portion of its on-campus operations in preparation for the eventual return of students to campus in due course. March 16 saw many faculty members and staff return to campus after 14 consecutive days of good health in Shenzhen.

Many faculty members and staff volunteered to help in a variety of capacities to ensure the health and safety of the entire SUSTech community. SUSTech Secretary-General Chen Siqi spoke about the significant effort that the Working Group has made in protecting the SUSTech community and would continue to do going forward.

The security staff is continuing its 24/7 duty systems. Cleaning rosters are being maintained to ensure the disinfection and ventilation of working space throughout SUSTech, and people are required to stay more than 1 meter apart. Campus access remains strictly controlled to keep a clean and healthy campus.

Affiliated Hospitals Preparatory Office Director Wang Pengfei said that the SUSTech community had been extremely cooperative when it came to working with the regulations placed in front of them. Everyone had been monitoring their health, isolating themselves where necessary, and preparing to return to campus at the appropriate time.


Many services have resumed services across SUSTech, including the campus shuttle and some cafeterias. They have introduced additional rules, including reduced operating capacity, to keep users safe during this period.

The cleaning staff has maintained their personal cleanliness while disinfecting the campus, wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), and avoiding large groups of people. It is also being practiced by other members of the SUSTech community wherever required. Human Resources Director Chen Zhifeng and his office have worked tirelessly with every department to ensure that every department has sufficient staff on campus according to the regulations of the Working Group.

Last week, it was clear that SUSTech was ready to resume on-campus operations. University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong and President Chen Shiyi viewed the preparations, finding them well-advanced and prepared for scientific research to continue on campus. Everybody hopes that the campus will soon be buzzing with students and scholars.

2020, 03-17
By Chris Edwards

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