Selfless spirit of SUSTech students on show
Chris Edwards | 03/22/2020

Oh brightest of the brightest stars
You shine out greatly in the darkest night
And all around the darkness falls
Yet you do not, you stand and fight

The Human Spirit – by Frank McEleny

During the challenges of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the spirit of students at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) has been on display, with volunteers assisting the nation in the fight against COVID-19 in a broad range of areas.

Their on-going commitment to their academic pursuits has not dulled their selflessness, as students have put their communities ahead of themselves to support the battle against COVID-19.

SUSTech continued to provide high-quality education to its undergraduate students and postgraduate students. In light of the closure of primary and secondary schools around the country, the volunteer associations of SUSTech sought volunteers that would teach the children of front-line medical workers and psychological counselors. Nearly 200 students signed up, and after a strict selection process, over 130 have started working with their paired families. The classes are taught online through a variety of platforms, with volunteers working together to provide high-impact courses across a broad range of subjects.

Huazhang Shu helped a middle school student better understand how to analyze problems and summarize the main points through a well-structured PowerPoint presentation. Guoyang Qin spent time with a high school student to help them with mathematics, an essential area for high school students.

Suisui Luo is teaching English to a Grade 1 student through the careful selection of vocabulary and matching visual clues. Hanxu Zhu has focused on providing problem-solving skills for students. Lingqi Li has supported the writing skills of Grade 2 students and has found inspiration in their youthful childishness.

Yanzhen Xiang said that they were happy to help the children of health care workers. On a similar note, Dailei Yuan had learned much about their ability to communicate with parents and teach to different age groups. He had also learned how to develop teaching plans for children, which helped him with skills in other areas. Lingqi Li tutored the writing of 2nd-grade students and found inspiration in their youthful childishness.

The parents of these children spoke highly of the efforts of these SUSTech students, which has also seen the healthcare workers be able to focus more on their roles in fighting against COVID-19.

The volunteering students have done their best to mentor the young children of healthcare workers across Shenzhen, bringing the light and warmth of SUSTech to more of Shenzhen.

2020, 03-22
By Chris Edwards

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