Shenzhen tech start-ups donate robots to keep campus safe
Chris Edwards | 03/24/2020

In recent days, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) received smart temperature check robots from local enterprises. Shenzhen Guardforce AI Technology (Guardforce AI) and Shenzhen Kewei Robot Service (Kewei Robot) made the donation, which was received by SUSTech Chief Financial Officer Qin YE from Guardforce AI President Xiangyu ZHONG and Kewei Robot President Jianhua WU.

Technology-centric start-ups have continued to support SUSTech through their entrepreneurial zeal. Their ongoing passion for the development of SUSTech since its establishment has ensured that the technological ecosystem of Shenzhen thrives with the rise of SUSTech.

The smart temperature check robots provide a non-contact temperature measure at the entry of buildings without impacting the flow of occupants. They are highly accurate while handling high passenger flows and highly dense areas without any contact. The robots can handle significant amounts of data while providing receptionist and customer service facilities.

SUSTech Chief Financial Officer Qin Ye thanked both enterprises for their donations. He said that SUSTech has always been committed to industry-university research cooperation that encourages enterprises to showcase their results. The contributions represented a positive start to on-going collaboration. Qin Ye hoped that the scientific research advantages offered by SUSTech would be sought after by both companies.

SUSTech Education Foundation Deputy Director Xiangyu Zhong said that the gift from the two companies would support the continuing efforts by SUSTech to protect the community during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. He hopes that the companies would continue to donate to SUSTech, after their initial donations.

2020, 03-24
By Chris Edwards

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