SUSTech supports graduates through employment guidance
Chris Edwards | 03/28/2020

On March 26, the employment prospects of graduates at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) were the subject of an online and on-site meeting. The heads of departments joined SUSTech President Shiyi CHEN, University Council Vice Chairperson Fengliang LI, and Vice President Dongxiao ZHANG at this meeting.

Student Affairs Office Director Ye XUE discussed the employment situation for the class of 2020 before Teaching Affairs Office Director Kefu HUANG spoke about that class’ preparation for graduation. The Deans and Deputy Deans for each school talked about their career guidance efforts.

President Shiyi CHEN thanked every department for their work in ensuring the employment of SUSTech students, through their continued cultivation of innovative talents for the future of the nation. Every individual college, school, department, research institute, and unit contributes to the development of SUSTech, and all of them are made greater by being part of the SUSTech community.

Vice President Dongxiao ZHANG highlighted the importance of providing graduate-oriented academic guidance that helps SUSTech students transition into employment should they so choose. SUSTech continues to improve access to high-quality graduate employment by promoting internships with partner companies across Shenzhen and around China.

University Council Vice Chairperson Fengliang LI, operating as the chairperson of the meeting, said that every department and unit must work together to provide a strong foundation for graduate employment. SUSTech must continue to ensure high levels of employment to its graduates with world-class employers through superior employment support services on campus.

2020, 03-28
By Chris Edwards

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