Campus growth sees beauty in a new light
Chris Edwards | 04/05/2020

SUSTech is a gorgeous campus, nestled in the hills of Nanshan District. As the years pass, the birds provide an everpresent song that echoes throughout the landscape, and the streams babble down their natural paths. The green trees and bushes flutter in the gentle breeze to the sound of chattering students and ruminating researchers. Our campus is still growing, like a child develops into a young adult.

Are you ready for the new buildings to open up in the next 12 months? Let’s have a sneak peek to see what is coming soon?

College of Engineering

These big buildings in the northeast corner of campus will have classrooms and laboratories on the bottom three floors, including below ground. Each department will have offices on the floors above, sharing walking space to swap ideas.

The sweeping design of the floors encourages interdisciplinary conversation with an open plan between the two, U-shaped buildings leaving room for scholars and students to ruminate on their research.

It is nearly ready for the departments and schools to move in, with classes ready to take place for the next academic year.

College of Science, School of Business, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

These three campus buildings will host three schools and colleges. The College of Science will face Shenzhen on the south side, the School of Business and the School of Innovation will both sit on the northeast side, while the Public Teaching Building will hug the Administration Building on the northwest corner.

The exteriors of the College of Science, School of Business, and School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship are nearly complete, including above and below-ground floors. There is still much work to go, and they will be significant additions to the SUSTech landscape once they are complete.

The Public Teaching Building will provide plenty of classrooms for every department across seven floors.

SUSTech Center

The second SUSTech Library, the catering center, and the Student Services Center all fill the SUSTech Center. Its flowing lines encourage airflow and positive energy throughout the building.

The exterior is nearly complete and should be ready for the start of the next academic year.

Center for the Humanities, Academic Exchange Center

The traditional style of this building evokes natural flow through the middle, encouraging air to circulate the individual components and allowing people to commune with nature.

The Academic Exchange Center and the School of Humanities support the essence of traditional Chinese gardens with low-level layouts. Its location, tucked into one of the many mountains of the SUSTech community, allows for the gentle burble of water to flow through the middle of the buildings, creating an ecological and organic community for cultural development.

International Exhibition Center

The International Exhibition Center, in the southwest corner of campus, overlooks the Dasha River towards the rest of campus. The 1200 person lecture hall, 650-person theatre, and 200 person circular lecture theater are surrounded by other conference rooms and offices.

The majority of the works in and around this building are now complete, and we hope to be using this building in the new academic year.

Student dormitories

The student dormitories overlooking the wetlands have been an absolute triumph. Thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate students now call these buildings home, and they will welcome more students in August.

The combination of vertical courtyards, aerial corridors, and ground courtyards allow students to enjoy three dimensions of living, educating, and entertaining space. The many areas for cultural pursuits provide space for the SUSTech community to expand their thinking in the vast expanses that incorporate greenery and fresh air.

2020, 04-05
By Chris Edwards

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