SUSTech Library prepares for expansion into new buildings
Chris Edwards | 05/01/2020

The SUSTech Library is an enormous repository of knowledge, containing hundreds of thousands of books and other resources in multiple languages for the SUSTech community. It has been a hub for scholarly research and discussion since its opening several years ago. Over one thousand members of the SUSTech community step foot into the SUSTech Library every day

The SUSTech Library houses nearly a quarter of million books in a variety of languages. Over 100 newspapers and journals are published in Chinese and various foreign languages. Over half a million volumes of digital books, and nearly one hundred thousand e-journals are available to library users across a diverse range of disciplines and literary fields. Users have access to 125 academic databases

In 2019, SUSTech Library served SUSTechers on and off-campus for 4859 hours in total. With average daily visitors sitting at 1334, the Library has received 461564 visits in total. Recent data has indicated that the peak user times are between noon and 1 pm, and between 6 pm and 7 pm, with the undergraduate Class of 2022 the most likely to spend time in the Library and take out books.

From the library circulation data, our undergraduate students borrow the most books out of all library users, borrowing more than 25854 times in 2019, which accounts for 44.2% of all borrowings. It seems that our faculty and staff love to read as well, for this group takes up 21.5%, followed by the graduate students of 20%.

As well as the SUSTech Library has served the community thus far, it is expanding to service the wider SUSTech community. The No.2 SUSTech Library (present name) will open at the beginning of the fall semester. It will sit in the center of campus next to the cafeteria and the Student Services Center. It will provide a 24-hour learning space on the ground floor, providing additional space for students to study through the night.

Copper and window-lined exterior of the No.2 SUSTech Library (present name)

24-hour learning space in the No.2 SUSTech Library (present name)

No.2 SUSTech Library (present name) Lecture Room

No.2 SUSTech Library (present name) reading area

A third library, tentatively named the No.3 SUSTech Library, will open under the graduate dormitories overlooking the wetlands at the northern end of campus.

Open-air learning area in No.3 SUSTech Library (present name)

Staircase reading area in the No.3 SUSTech Library (present name)

Discussion room in the No.3 SUSTech Library (present name)

2020, 05-01
By Chris Edwards

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