Excellent chemistry undergraduate wins Guangdong Youth Award
Chris Edwards | 05/04/2020

On May 4th, Qikun HU (’20, Chemistry) was awarded the “Making Scientific Progress through Academia Youth Award,” along with 60 other recipients across Guangdong Province. The nominees were university students who work hard, innovate, start a business, make progress, help the poor, and are morally upstanding.

These awards are an annual initiative from the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee that aims to motivate young people to concentrate on things that are important to them.

Qikun HU has two patents being assessed. He is particularly noted for his research into perovskite solar cells. He had remained committed to the commercialization of his research results, actively engaging with industry to find ways to convert his research into usable technology.

Qikun HU has worked with many companies to improve product quality and prepare devices in the past and now working with industry giant BYD to cooperate in the development of solar cells.

His excellent scientific research has seen him travel to many parts of the world. He participated in a perovskite solar cell research project at the National Academy of Sciences of Italy at the express invitation of its Institute of nanostructured materials (ISMN) Director, Michele Muccini. Qikun HU has also presented at many conferences around the globe.

Qikun HU’s research results and experiences have been reported by many well-known domestic and international media. He was a central character in the Shenzhen documentary “Rhythm of a City,” which commemorated the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up of Shenzhen.

Qikun HU will continue his academic pursuits on a full doctoral scholarship at the National University of Singapore. Reflecting on the receipt of the “Making Scientific Progress through Academia Youth Award,” he said that he was honored to receive the award. He will continue to advance his academic pursuits that will inspire his classmates at SUSTech.

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2020, 05-04
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