SUSTech Global launches new internationalization goals
Feiliang LI | 05/06/2020

Recently, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) launched its Campus Internationalization Affairs Specialist (IAS). SUSTech Vice President Chun LU and Vice-Provost (Global Strategies) Chunmiao ZHENG, attended the launch in their capacity as members of the Campus Internationalization Action Group.

Vice President Chun LU reflected on an email he sent to members of the Academic Committee four years ago titled, “Never forget the original heart in building a first-class international university.” He described how SUSTech had set itself the goal of becoming an international, top-tier research university. He said that he was pleased with the progress thus far, with each department having an embedded IAS to focus on internationalization goals.

Vice-Provost (Global Strategies) Chunmiao ZHENG presented on the current state of internationalization at SUSTech. He emphasized internationalization as an essential feature of SUSTech, as it promotes our high-impact education, enhances our international reputation, and fosters a top-notch talent pipeline that supports the city, the region, the country, and the world.

The broader direction of SUSTech’s internationalization goals will focus on university notices, announcements, campus signs, and the application of bilingual communications across campus. The introduction of IAS in all departments will create more suitable conditions for foreign teachers and students while creating an additional level of assessment for each department. Departments will be incentivized to improve their internationalization approaches.

Vice-Provost (Global Strategies) Chunmiao ZHENG also launched the new logo for SUSTech Global, as a representation of the new benchmark for internationalization at SUSTech.

Mr. Feiliang LI of SUSTech Global introduced the specifics of the Chinese and English notifications, logos and IAS, and answered questions from various attendees.

2020, 05-06
By Feiliang LI

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