Further preparations for 10th-anniversary celebrations take place
Chris Edwards | 05/15/2020

Last weekend, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) held its third meeting on its development history over the last ten years. University Council Chairperson Yurong GUO attended the meeting with guests from the Shenzhen Municipal Government and various media representatives.

As part of the meeting, the guests were taken to the 3D campus construction sand table, the Cryo-Electron Microscopy Center, the lakeside dormitories, and the student dormitories by University Council Chairperson Yurong GUO, Vice-Chairperson Fengliang LI, and Communications and Public Relations Director Ling ZHANG.

When everyone sat down for the meeting, University Council Chairperson Yurong GUO thanked everyone for coming to SUSTech and reminded them since this year is the 10th-anniversary of the establishment of SUSTech, it is essential to document the foundation of the university.

The guests focused on the “The Founding and Development Stories of SUSTech,” as the theme. They went over how SUSTech was established, shared their stories and personal experiences of preparing for the first day of SUSTech.

The support of the provincial and municipal governments has seen SUSTech work towards its goal of becoming a high-level, research-oriented, world-class university, rooted in China. SUSTech has also launched a range of innovative projects, including its “6+3+1” comprehensive enrollment evaluation model.

All participants were unanimous in their appreciation for the achievements that SUSTech has made in the last ten years.

2020, 05-15
By Chris Edwards

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