The High School Affiliated to SUSTech will welcome first class of high school students
Chris Edwards | 05/21/2020

In August 2020, The High School Affiliated to Southern University of Science and Technology (HSAS) will welcome its first high school students. As a public high school managed by SUSTech, it will eventually host 48 classes of students across three grades.

HSAS will be an international, innovative, and high-tech high school to become a top municipal and national center for learning. Following on from SUSTech’s three philosophical pillars of “research, innovation, and entrepreneurship,” HSAS will have a similar philosophy of “acquire knowledge, seek truth, pursue originality.” They will seek to cultivate ambitious young men and women with a global outlook and creative self-confidence that will become the leaders of the future.

Bao’an District will host HSAS over a campus area of fifty thousand square meters, with the total building area close to 130 thousand square meters. The first phase of construction is nearly complete, with the overall project due to finish and handed over by the end of the month

The first principal of HSAS will be Peidong WANG, who is moving to Shenzhen from The High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University. She has won many awards as a teacher, principal, and administrator at the municipal, provincial and national levels. As the founding principal, she is a firm adherent to providing a high-quality impact that provides for the development of every student. Education needs to be centered around a set of academic principles, and HSAS would be both forward-and-backward looking to determine its success.

Not only has the HSAS recruited a star principal, but the teams of educators are among the best of the best in China. Many have won various awards, having been recruited from top schools and universities across China and around the world. They will be supported by the entire faculty team of SUSTech, as they continue to improve through their on-going professional development.

HSAS will lean on SUSTech’s experience in higher education reform. It will form productive relationships with different departments at SUSTech to develop the first step in the talent pipeline. They will also establish an Academic Committee that sets up the high-level education that will guide students through their three years on campus.

HSAS will also pay significant attention to the student’s academic achievement. It will focus on their skill sets to develop precise and well-thought-out future leaders for the industrial transformation of the Greater Bay Area.

Their “Academician Class” will see Academicians, Fellows, experts, and scholars participate in elite classes as part of the “Institute of Future Education.” Students in these select classes will take part in a broad range of competitions and field trips under the administration of SUSTech.

HSAS will recommend outstanding students for SUSTech admission to further enhance the development of the first step in the SUSTech talent pipeline.

HSAS is designed as an experiential learning center. It will explore multi-segmented, interdisciplinary, project-based learning to strategically inspire the inherent desire to explore. Within the campus, there will be new centers such as the Institute of Future Education, the STEAM Center, the Future Classroom, and the 3D Printing Research Room. These centers provide a logical extension for the development of each student’s cognition while enriching their personality, comprehensive development, and personal growth.

Following the messages from SUSTech University Council Chairperson Yurong GUO and President Shiyi CHEN, there will be significant expectations on HSAS by many across Shenzhen and the country. As an affiliated unit of SUSTech, it will continue to explore, reform, and innovate in secondary education for China. HSAS will find new educational opportunities that support the development of Shenzhen, the Greater Bay Area, and China.

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2020, 05-21
By Chris Edwards

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