High School Affiliated to SUSTech gathers academicians to develop a better learning environment
Chris Edwards | 06/15/2020

On June 12, the High School Affiliated to Southern University of Science and Technology (HSAS) established its Academic Committee. It will be the highest strategic consulting and academic guidance institute for HSAS, providing comprehensive support to HSAS in a broad range of areas.

The HSAS Academic Committee has brought together 13 domestic and international academicians from SUSTech, along with 120 experts and scholars. SUSTech President Shiyi CHEN will serve as the Honorary Chairman. Vice President and Provost Dongxiao ZHANG will serve as the Chairman, and Teaching Affairs Director Kefu HUANG will serve as the Deputy Chairman. Faculty Committee Head Professor Qingsong LIU (Ocean Science and Engineering) will serve as its Secretary-General.

SUSTech President Shiyi CHEN pointed out that the establishment of the HSAS Academic Committee reflected the connection between HSAS and SUSTech. It would provide high-level support for the high school curriculum by guiding students throughout their three years in high school. They would pay more attention to the development of personalized features of each student while encouraging the prospect of research by the teaching team.

2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of SUSTech, as it moves forward into the second decade of its development. At the same time, HSAS marks a new step in the progress of SUSTech. President Shiyi CHEN said that HSAS would become a key high school in Shenzhen, with the development of its talent team.

SUSTech Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dongxiao ZHANG said that he would work hard as part of the HSAS Academic Committee to explore the development of their talent training model. As an affiliated high school, HSAS provides unique advantages through its relationships with its parent university. He expected HSAS to become a key calling card for secondary education in Shenzhen that meets the educational needs for the development of Shenzhen.

HSAS Principal Peidong WANG thanked SUSTech for its ongoing support. She said that HSAS would inherit the SUSTech spirit of “For Truth, Innovation, Reform and Excellence with Diligence and Courage.” SUSTech’s implementation of its innovative talent training model could be applied for high schools as well as universities.

Their “Academician Class” will see Academicians, Fellows, experts, and scholars participate in elite classes as part of the “Institute of Future Education.” Students in these selected classes will take part in a broad range of competitions and fieldwork under the administration of SUSTech.

HSAS is designed as an experiential learning center. It will explore interdisciplinary and project-based learning to strategically inspire the students’ inherent desire to explore. Within the campus, there will be new centers such as the Institute of Future Education, the STEAM Center, the Future Classroom, and the 3D Printing Research Room. These centers provide a logical extension for the development of each student’s cognition while enriching their personality, comprehensive development, and personal growth.

There will be significant expectations on HSAS by many across Shenzhen and the country. As an affiliated unit of SUSTech, HSAS will continue to explore, reform, and innovate in secondary education, and find new educational opportunities that support the development of Shenzhen, the Greater Bay Area, and China.

2020, 06-15
By Chris Edwards

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