Engineering masters students exhibit their achievements
Chris Edwards | 06/27/2020

On June 23, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) launched its second exhibition of masters’ students’ engineering achievements. As part of the exhibition, the Alumni Association branch for engineering masters’ graduates was also launched.

University Council Vice Chairperson Fengliang LI, Acting Vice President Yusheng ZHAO, and other heads of departments joined industry leaders at the ceremony.

Acting Vice President Yusheng ZHAO congratulated those students graduating with a masters’ degree in engineering in 2020. He also thanked their mentors throughout their degrees, particularly for their collaboration in developing joint industry-university research platforms. He hoped that the graduates would learn more from the exhibition and contribute to the industrial transformation of the Greater Bay Area.

School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Dean Ke LIU spoke about how the training project has linked SUSTech to industrial leaders across Shenzhen. The exhibition has shown the effect of the training project to provide further communication channels for industry-university research cooperation.

Graduate School Executive Vice Dean Shuanghua YANG focused on the development of graduate education at SUSTech. He added that the masters of engineering education would be a feature strategy for the improvement of industry-university research.

The exhibition filled the Lynn Library walkway and covered a broad range of engineering disciplines. Nearly 80 posters were on display to give people an idea of what the students have achieved in their studies. Twenty students were invited to give presentations on their work, outlining their research processes that are meeting the challenges of production and life.

The judges determined that Junfeng HU’s project on “A 15-Gb/s 0.0037-mm2 0.018-pJ/Bit Full-rate Programmable Multi-pattern Pseudo-random Binary Sequence Generator “and Qioshuang GE’s project on “Semi-solid Slurry Preparation Device and Technology of High-strength Aluminum The Alloy Based on Enthalpy Compensation Method” were both worthy of first prize. Another 18 students won second prizes, third prizes, and outstanding awards.

The launch also saw Deputy Dean Liyang SHAO sign cooperative industry-university research agreements with high-tech companies, including SONT Technologies Co., Ltd., Orbbec Technology Ltd., and Shenzhen Wayho Technology Co., Ltd.

University Council Vice Chairperson Fengliang LI congratulated the Alumni Association for the establishment of the Masters of Engineering branch. The interdisciplinary nature of the branch could be the most active and grounded branch at SUSTech, with its close connections with industry and entrepreneurs.

Alumni Association Deputy Secretary-General Jun GENG and Master of Engineering Alumni Association branch president Zi’an ZHOU both spoke about the future for the branch. It would be inspired by the philosophy of SUSTech as its members continue to contribute to the development of their alma mater.

2020, 06-27
By Chris Edwards

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