School of Medicine faculty size gets bigger through Affiliated Hospital network
Chris Edwards | 07/09/2020

On July 3, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) appointed over 220 mentors and professors from eight hospitals across Shenzhen to become clinical professors, clinical associate professors, and clinical assistant professors within the School of Medicine at SUSTech.

SUSTech President Shiyi CHEN welcomed the leaders and representatives of the eight affiliated hospitals of SUSTech. They included the First Affiliated Hospital of SUSTech (Shenzhen People’s Hospital), the Second Affiliated Hospital of SUSTech (Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital), SUSTech Hospital (Shenzhen Xili People’s Hospital), the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital (CAMS Cancer Hospital) Shenzhen Center, the Shenzhen Children’s Hospital, the  Shenzhen Maternity & Child Healthcare Hospital (SZMCH), Shenzhen Kangning Hospital, and SUSTech-Yantian District Hospital.

Following the issuing of appointment letters, President Shiyi CHEN said, “The appointment of these outstanding clinicians and scholars as students’ mentors and adjunct professors at SUSTech will play a vital role in the development of the School of Medicine. Although SUSTech has made great progress in its discipline development, the development of our medicine discipline has just begun. We hope to rely on the support of various cooperative medical institutions for comprehensive development.”

SUSTech will also carry out joint medical research projects and absorb supporting investment from cooperative medical institutions. It will guide scientific research personnel in interdisciplinary industry-university research collaboration sciences based on the research needs of clinical medicine. They will declare clinical medicine-related scientific research topics and carry out an in-depth teaching and research evaluation for collaborating institutions. The School of Medicine at SUSTech will continue to strengthen its clinical medicine talent team to lay the foundation for the construction of first-class medical disciplines.

2020, 07-09
By Chris Edwards

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