Gifts from the Class of 2020
Chris Edwards | 07/15/2020

On July 11 and 12, thousands of high school students were vying to become members of the Class of 2024 of Southern University of Science and Technology. Simultaneously, the Class of 2020 were bringing their final belongings off-campus, to prepare for the next stage in their lives.

Leaving dormitories as clean as they found them four years earlier, the Class of 2020 donated unneeded books, clothes and supplies

These recycled supplies will be sorted, disinfected, and provided to those members of the Class of 2024 in need, or donated to others where necessary.

Many students left cute notes and messages for the Class of 2024, who will enter these dormitories in just a few weeks. These inspirational messages are intended to bless SUSTech and provided a positive message for the new students, as they start a new journey all the way south, in SUSTech.

2020, 07-15
By Chris Edwards

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