Summer fruit harvest fills SUSTech campus
Chris Edwards | 07/26/2020

The lush green campus of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is one of the most beautiful university campuses in mainland China. There are lots of beautiful trees that surround the elegantly planned buildings. We are replete with bountiful fruits from our forest around the flowing water throughout campus.

Today, we look at the vast variety of tropical fruit found on campus.

The mangos planted mostly around the Guest Houses provide a delicious addition to the greenery to our scholar’s lives.

The enormous jackfruit has become popular in all sorts of dishes across the globe, used in a variety of different ways.

The milky white inside of the rose apple provides a sweet and fragrant fruit around the lakes and streams of campus.

The vibrant pomegranates are full of seeds that pop with delicious juice. They are excellent in salads and symbols of happiness.

The yellow carambola, also known as starfruit, is sweet and juicy. It is filling and works well with plates of cheese.

Vines of passionfruit are not only delicious but provide gorgeous flowers between fruiting seasons. The shriveled husks open to reveal the tart filling, perfect for a wide variety of desserts.

Figs are a delicacy in many restaurants, pairing perfectly with chocolate, cheese, and sherry. Whether eaten raw or cooked, they provide a delicious dessert.

The tart lemon is vital for everyone’s lives. They provide lovely shade while adding Vitamin C to our food and drinks.

The bright orange loquats have many medicinal and nutritional benefits. While they might not be the fastest to grow, they provide some of the best curative properties in traditional Chinese medicine.

The herbaceous banana trees provide the fruit of wisdom. While the first harvest might take a while, they can be harvested regularly after that.

The green-skinned papaya might look odd when it’s growing, but the orange flesh inside offers a delicious dish. Just scoop out the black seeds inside!

2020, 07-26
By Chris Edwards

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