SUSTech students succeed in 2020 Huawei Cloud Cup
Chris Edwards | 07/23/2020

On July 18, a team of students from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) stood out at the 2nd Huawei Cloud Cup, also known as the 2020 Shenzhen Open Data Application Innovation Competition (SODiC). The team of students won 1st and 3rd prizes in the data analysis competitions.

Graduate student Defan FENG worked with undergraduate students Zhiyao TANG and Yu MO for their first prize entry titled, “Analysis of Optimal Allocation of Hospital Outpatient Human Resources and Clinic Resources.” Graduate students Kai QIAN, Yujue ZHOU, Zezheng FENG, and Yuhuan LIU collaborated for their entry called “Data-Driven Water Supply Pipeline Leakage Detection and Traceability Solution.” Their research partnership earned them third prize.

The first prize entry, “Analysis of Optimal Allocation of Hospital Outpatient Human Resources and Clinic Resources,” focused on outpatient building layout and medical resources. The team used modeling algorithms to determine service targets and optimize the allocation of resources. They proposed a framework that combined predictions, optimization, and simulation. Their research results improved the efficiency of medical staff in terms of their utilization on a weekly basis by reducing patient waiting time and reducing time spent walking around the hospital. It provides an effective way to avoid the hidden dangers of epidemic transmission through patient crowding in specific locations.

The third prize entry, “Data-driven Water Supply Pipeline Leakage Detection and Traceability Solution,” examined the layout of water pipes, inspection data, and water use. The team analyzed leakages for the entire network and hypothesized a set of solutions that deal with detecting and tracing leakages, as well as making decisions. Their visually aided decision-making tool for screening pipelines assessed several different variables to provide real-time solutions.

The Huawei Cloud Cup, or SODiC, is working towards becoming a world-class data competition and innovation incubator across four different competitive streams. Over six thousand competitors entered from across mainland China and around the world, including top scholars from globally recognized universities and highly-reputed companies.

2020, 07-23
By Chris Edwards

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