The journey of the Class of 2020 on film
Chris Edwards | 07/29/2020

As part of the Class of 2020 Commencement Ceremony, a documentary was played that highlighted the unique role of the student community at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). The film, titled, “On the Journey of Knowledge,” selected seventeen students who joined SUSTech in 2016, from thirteen cities in eight provinces.

These seventeen randomly selected students were initially interviewed in their home towns as they spoke about how they felt about joining SUSTech. They reflected on their lives and vision for the future. Their parents provided their blessings and expectations.

Throughout their four years at SUSTech, the film crew has consistently met with the students. It was an excellent opportunity for the students and their parents to reminisce on the four years they spent all the way south.

The students reflected on their opportunity to make history together by taking the path less traveled. They have challenged the unlimited possibilities by absorbing a global vision and an innovative outlook. They spoke about how SUSTech would still be their first choice if allowed to make the selection again.

As SUSTech begins its second decade of existence, the Class of 2020 has written its chapter in the history of SUSTech. Following their four years as members of the SUSTech community, these students are taking many different paths. Some are heading to top universities around the world to continue their academic pursuits or staying at SUSTech to maintain their research projects. Others are taking up positions in world-renowned businesses or starting-up their first enterprises.

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