New class, new ideas, a new page in life
Chris Edwards | 08/29/2020

On August 27, over two and a half thousand students from across China came to Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) to start writing a new page in their history. It was an opportunity for them to provide an insight into their passions and plans for the future.

With special shuttle buses carrying student luggage throughout campus, students and parents opened up and spoke about their expectations.

Fujian freshman Xufei ZHU arrived on campus on his birthday. He celebrated it with his family on the 26th and traveled to Shenzhen by high-speed train early on the 27th. The way that SUSTech pays attention to every aspect of student’s lives, including their emotions, is remarkable. Xufei ZHU had attended the Technological Innovation Summer Camp for High School Students in 2019, and it left a significant impression on him.

“I feel that my birthday now has an exceptional meaning, having received a birthday gift from SUSTech as part of my registration.” Xufei ZHU admitted that fellow Fujianer Qikun HU had been an enormous influence on him. Coming to SUSTech has encouraged him to follow in Qikun’s footsteps and fight hard to achieve his dreams.

Zhejiang student Hanxu YU could feel the academic culture as soon as she arrived on campus. The senior students and volunteers all provided an enthusiastic atmosphere. The residential colleges and tutorial system provide a warmth that she appreciates. She also said that the innovative ambiance of Shenzhen is imbued in SUSTech and is something that she values highly.

Mufan TU’s mother is from Jiangxi. As an educator, she had seen some of her previous students admitted to SUSTech. Following the comments from her previous students, she paid attention to SUSTech and recommended it to her children. Mufan TU said that the ability to choose his major, later on, was one of the best things about an education at SUSTech. He has not yet found his passion but hopes that as he learns about the innovation capital of China, he will find his direction in Shenzhen.

Ziyan WANG is from Jinan in Shandong Province. She appreciates the resources SUSTech has put into undergraduate education for outstanding students from all over the country and around the world. She believes that SUSTech has enormous potential as an emerging research university.

Her father had traveled with her from Jinan to Shandong because SUSTech is an excellent and innovative university. “A university that arranges for academicians to teach undergraduate students is clearly committed and dedicated to high-quality education. We are handing over our children to SUSTech, and we can rest assured that the right decision has been made.”

The mother of one student from Nanchang in Jiangxi Province said that the family is firm believers in SUSTech, as a young and innovative university. SUSTech encourages students to take advantage of their interests and passions. She hoped that her child would clarify his interests in due course to find his vision for the future. On seeing the many people registering, she thought that she might have to wait a long time. However, the registration process took a mere twenty minutes from entry to completion. She praised the efficiency of SUSTech.

One Hubei parent said that the entire organization and service of the day was highly professional, with the student volunteers being very supportive and considerate. They hoped that their son would be able to find a good quality job in the field that they want to study to take advantage of the knowledge gained from their four years of study at SUSTech.

Yuxuan ZHOU is a doctoral student who is remaining in the Department of Physics, having already completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at SUSTech. Even though he has spent a lot of time at SUSTech already, he was full of energy at registration. The research resources and support of his supervisor, Academician Dapeng YU, are some of the reasons as to why he missed SUSTech and will continue to study quantum computing.

Hui YUAN is joining the Department of Earth and Space Sciences as a graduate student. She joined SUSTech on the advice of her supervisor at her previous institution. She said that the academic and research culture at SUSTech provided an environment for an enhanced campus lifestyle. Hui YUAN praised the atmosphere created by the SUSTech community and was delighted with the meticulous orientation process.

Student News Agency representative Xinyu LIU was one of many volunteers that helped the Class of 2024 and their parents throughout the day. He said, “As a senior student, I am thrilled to see more outstanding students join the SUSTech community on our 10th anniversary.”

Many parents thanked the volunteers for their efforts, with one Guangdong parent commenting that the volunteers reflect positively on the vitality of the SUSTech community through their attentive and thoughtful service.

2020, 08-29
By Chris Edwards

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Photo ByJiahui SU, Xiaoyan ZHANG, Tiantian LI, Yige WU, Kaiwen ZHANG, Zehua ZHANG, Yuxuan YANG, Zhengyang LIU, Junxiang ZHANG


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