Two educational science research projects received national funding
Chris Edwards | 09/05/2020

On August 28, the National Office for Educational Sciences Planning announced the selection results for the 2020 National Social Science Fund of China. Two projects from the Center for Higher Education Research were selected. The first one for the General Program, the Research on In-Depth Interaction and Accurate Evaluation of Online Teaching, was led by Professor Jianhua ZHAO. The second one for the Youth Program, Connecting Universities and Industry: Cross-Border Scientific Research Cooperation and Knowledge Spillover Effects of Outstanding Scientists, was proposed by Dr. Fan JIANG.

Online teaching has been a growing trend in education development. The topic of “Research on In-Depth Interaction and Accurate Evaluation of Online Teaching” would focus on online teaching. It relies on online teaching platforms by examining the in-depth interaction of online teaching and the accurate evaluation of online teaching. They will combine the elements and strategies that affect students’ deep online interaction to build an online teaching support service system. It will carry out applications for teaching practices, verifies the effects, and promotes achievements.

In the Knowledge Economy era, cross-boundary research collaboration is essential in promoting industry-university research collaborations. These partnerships support the technological transformation of scientific and engineering progress for the nation. With scientific resources spread out across the nation, “Connecting Universities and Industries: Cross-Border Scientific Research Cooperation and Knowledge Spillover Effects of Outstanding Scientists” will seek to examine over twenty thousand outstanding scientists within mainland China and around the world. It plans to assess the cross-disciplinary impact of “quantitative opening, qualitative deepening, and tool-assisted” research. They will explore the characteristics, mode, structure of cross-border scientific research cooperation, as well as the types, mechanisms, and influencing factors of the knowledge spillover effect.

Founded in June 2015, the Center for Higher Education Research is an independent teaching and research unit at SUSTech. It provides substantive support for the UNESCO Higher Education Innovation Center.  Jinyuan MA, the Research Associate Professor of CHER, also had received funding as a general project from the National Social Science Fund in 2019.

2020, 09-05
By Chris Edwards

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