Orientation Week comes to a successful close
Chris Edwards | 09/06/2020

From August 31 to September 5, the Class of 2024 has enjoyed a range of activities to embed them into the SUSTech community. Orientation Week has been an enormous success, with students benefitting from safety education, laboratory classes, knowledge about the development of SUSTech, and how best to take advantage of SUSTech’s abundant academic resources.

SUSTech University Council Vice Chairperson Fengliang LI spoke about “Becoming an Innovative Talent to support Global Development.” He highlighted the importance of balancing the many demands of a student’s life, both while at university and once they graduate. In closing his speech, Fengliang LI hoped that all students would work hard to support local, regional, national, and international development. There will be many opportunities for every member of the SUSTech community to write their chapter of history for Shenzhen’s 40th anniversary and SUSTech’s 10th anniversary.

SUSTech Vice President and Provost Dongxiao ZHANG addressed the incoming postgraduate students. He encouraged them to take advantage of the rich research resources that are available to them as part of their scientific progress. They should use their ingenuity and talent to pursue their dreams, learn something, and achieve success. The faculty members will work with them to help contribute to national social development through their research outcomes.

All the residential colleges provided novel and unique programs for their incoming students that enhanced their features. It added to the warmth of the residential college experience for the Class of 2024. The activities included laboratory safety, sports activities, and other ice-breaking activities so the new students could meet new people.

SUSTech also leaned into its athletic strengths by organizing a campus orienteering challenge for the Class of 2024. Laughter filled the campus as students ran around, familiarizing themselves with the lush grounds in a competitive environment.

2020, 09-06
By Chris Edwards

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