Shuli College Science Popularization Club receives government funding
Chris Edwards | 09/15/2020

On September 8, the Shenzhen Science and Technology Association announced that the Shuli College Science Popularization Club received funding for one of their projects. It is the first time a SUSTech student club received government funding.

Their project is the SUSTech Popular Science Videos, which seeks to promote science to primary school students. The club received fifty thousand renminbi in funding to continue its program.

Shuli College Science Popularization Club was established last year. They seek to promote science communication and popularization resources under the broad banner of SUSTech to society. They help science enter thousand of homes across Shenzhen.

Since its establishment, they have held several large-scale practical science exhibitions that have attracted more than one thousand faculty members and students. They have also created a popular science column called Voge Island, with their articles being well received.

2020, 09-15
By Chris Edwards

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