Sculpture artists Wenjin TENG and Hong QIAO donate works to SUSTech
Zhong YANG | 10/24/2020

On October 22, 2020, the signing ceremony for the donation of Wenjin TENG and Hong QIAO’s artworks was held in the International Conference Hall of the administrative building of SUSTech.

University Council Vice Chairperson Fengliang LI hosted the ceremony. He was joined by famous sculpture artists Wenjin TENG, the Hong QIAOs, their families, President Shiyi CHEN, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism, and Sports Shaohua CHEN, and other senior officials from both SUSTech and the Shenzhen municipal government.

Shiyi CHEN, on behalf of SUSTech, expressed great gratitude to Wenjin TENG and Hong QIAO, who donated more than 500 artworks to SUSTech.

He said that the donation fully reflected their love for the city, their recognition of the achievements of SUSTehc, and their confidence in its future development. This donation is a new practice of cultural innovation and development in Shenzhen and campus culture construction of SUSTech and a new exploration of aesthetic education of SUSTech in the new era.

President CHEN believed that SUSTech would take this donation as an opportunity to strengthen the aesthetic education further and draw a blueprint for the future development of university culture and art. It will also gather more cultural and art resources through the cultural and art research, teaching, and platform of colleges and universities, to continuously convey the strong cultural voice of SUSTech in the new era.

Hong QIAO addressed the ceremony. She expressed her gratitude to the municipal Party committee and the municipal government for their concern and support. She said that they felt honored and comforted that their works of art could be inherited and carried forward through cooperation with SUSTech.


She reviewed her and Wenjin TENG’s 40-year artistic life as the first group of artists who supported the construction of the special zone in the 1980s. She said that it was the party and the state that allowed them to learn and create a safe and stable environment. Without the new China, there would be no achievements and everything they have made today. They hope to devote all these things to the country and society, bring aesthetic education into the campus and contribute to the cause of higher education.

Shaohua CHEN congratulated SUSTech and appreciated Wenjin TENG and the Hong QIAO’s contributions. This year marks the 40th anniversary of establishing the Shenzhen special economic zone and the 10th anniversary of SUSTech. He hoped that SUSTech makes fair use of the artworks, inherits and carries forward their art spirits, strengthens aesthetic education, and integrates culture with science and technology. 

Shiyi CHEN signed the donation agreement with Wenjing TENG and the Hong QIAOs. Then the sculpture Bull was donated by the two artists.

Wenjin TENG introduced the source of inspiration for the bronze carving Bull and encouraged the students of SUSTech to go forward to their own goals with no fear of hardship like this uplifting “bull.”

Wenjin TENG is a member of the Chinese Artists Association, Chinese Sculptors Association, and a first-class Chinese artist. Hong QIAO is a sculptor, photographer, clothing and jewelry designer, and a member of the Chinese Sculptors Association. She was the honorary chairman of China Australia Cultural and Art Exchange Center and the honorary president of Shenzhen Women Artists Association. Both of them have excellent works of art.

SUSTech will establish “Wenjin TENG Art Gallery” and set up Wenjing TENG and Hong QIAO Art Development Funds to carry forward the spirit of artists and strengthen the aesthetic education of SUSTech.

2020, 10-24
By Zhong YANG

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