2020 Commendation Conference for Undergraduate Enrollment held
Zhong YANG | 10/27/2020

On October 23, 2020, SUSTech Commendation Meeting for Undergraduate Enrollment was held. Vice President Chun LU hosted the conference.

SUSTech University Council Chairperson Yurong GUO, President Shiyi CHEN, University Council Vice Chairperson Fengliang LI, Vice President Dongxiao ZHANG, senior officials, heads of academic, administrative, and enrollment group joined the event.


Fengliang LI announced the “Decision on Commendation of Advanced Group and Individuals in Undergraduate Enrollment of SUSTech in 2020.”Twenty-two enrollment groups won the advanced group award of enrollment work, and 135 faculty members and staff won the advanced individual award. Yurong GUO, Shiyi CHEN, Fengliang LI, Dongxiao ZHANG, and other senior officials presented awards to the winners.

The representative of Advanced Group, Shandong enrollment group Yang ZHANG and representative of Advanced Individual and Dean of SDIM Jingshen WU, made speeches for sharing the experience of enrollment work.

Dongxiao ZHANG reported on the enrollment in 2020. Given the current problems and challenges of enrollment, he proposed to continue to promote the diversification of enrollment models, enrich the incentive policies for candidates, organize and integrate forces to do a better job in 2021 enrollment work. He also introduced the 2021 enrollment work plan.

Yurong GUO congratulated the award-winning units and advanced individuals. She addressed the importance of enrollment work for an innovative university. She said that in the process of the school enrollment campaign in 2020, online and offline advantages were fully utilized to break through the epidemic’s enrollment dilemma. The establishment of characteristic elite classes was also fruitful, and the enrollment work made steady progress.

Shiyi CHEN made a concluding speech. He fully affirmed the achievements in 2020 and expressed his appreciation for teachers’ contributions in the enrollment work. He said that as a pathfinder for the innovation and development of national higher education, SUSTech should boldly explore and innovate enrollment strategies and contribute to higher education development. The “631” comprehensive evaluation of undergraduate enrollment mode is important for pioneering work.

2020, 10-27
By Zhong YANG

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