New President visits College of Science and College of Engineering
Zhong YANG | 11/21/2020

On November 20, SUSTech new President Qikun XUE visited the College of Science and the College of Engineering and communicated with students over the lunch hour.

He was accompanied by University Council Vice Chairperson Fengliang LI, Vice President and Provost Dongxiao ZHANG, and Director of the Office of Party Affairs and Administration Siqi CHEN.

Deans and senior leaders of the College of Science and the College of Engineering made reports to President XUE.

President XUE fully affirmed the College of Science and College of Engineering’s achievements in scientific research, talent training, and faculty construction and expressed his gratitude to all the faculty and students for their hard work. He pointed out that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of SUSTech and is also a key year for the “14th five-year plan”.

“The College of Science should deeply study the higher education, further integrate its planning with the national, provincial, and municipal development strategies, promote the sustained and high-quality development of talent training, scientific research, and discipline construction, thus contributing to the construction of comprehensive national science center in Shenzhen,” said him.

President XUE also hoped that the College of Engineering would maintain sound momentum, especially focus on promoting the country’s and regional economic development and deepening the cooperation with industry to make contributions to the country’s future industrial system. It is necessary to encourage a more practical future engineering education and, at the same time, carry out patriotic education activities to cultivate a large number of science and engineering leaders for the future.

President XUE said that this was his first visit of the campus since he took office, from which he has a deeper understanding of the party building, personnel training, discipline development, scientific research, and public services of the University and has gained more confidence in promoting SUSTech to a new high.

After visiting the College of Science, President Qikun XUE came to the cafeteria in the No.10 building of the residential areas and communicated with the students about their study and life at SUSTech.

2020, 11-21
By Zhong YANG

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