SUSTech students win awards in the Sixth Art Performance of Guangdong University Students
Zhong YANG | 01/03/2021

Recently, the award-winning list of the Sixth Art Performance of Guangdong University Students organized by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province was announced. SUSTech students have won many awards. Peking Opera Mashup, the performance of SUSTech student club, Shuren Residential College Peking Opera Club, won the second prize. Baoyi BI’s (Director of SUSTech Art Center) reports, Construction of Collaborative Education Mechanism — Innovative Training Mode of High-Level Art Troupe in University of Science and Technology and Construction and Teaching Reform of Public Art Courses in Colleges and Universities won the second prize and third prize respectively.

Shuren Residential College Peking Opera Club was founded in October 2018 to inherit and carry forward Chinese Peking Opera. Since its establishment, the club has performed on many stages. The performance, Peking Opera Mashup, was put on stage after one-month of hardship students and supervisors like Baoyi BI and Anping DUAN. This altogether showed the quality of aesthetic education of SUSTech.

SUSTech has always been promoting the integration of science and technology and art, making science and technology artistic and art education scientific. To this end, SUSTech Art Center was established in 2016. The Art Center has constructed an all-around, three-dimensional, and multi-level art curriculum system, and is committed to cultivating interdisciplinary innovative talents with excellent aesthetic taste and humanistic and artistic abilities.

2021, 01-03
By Zhong YANG

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