From Science to Art: Scientific illustrations for research paper in 2020
Zhong YANG | 01/08/2021

In 2020, over 150 scientific illustrations of research papers were presented on the website. At the end of year, let us go through some of them.

Where Science and Art Become One

Scientific illustration is at the conjunction of science and art. It is a way to communicate complex concepts, details, and subjects in an engaging and easily comprehensible way.  

These scientific illustration highlights scientific research achievements of the University.

Gelatin could soon power our wearables and IoT devices

From Weishu Liu’s group

SUSTech researchers reveal the first cryo-EM structures of NSD2 and NSD3 in complex with nucleosome

From Wanqiu Li’s group

A novel RNA interference mechanism dictates plant response to external stress

From Hongwei Guo’s group

New technology could come soon from single-layer amorphous carbon following new research

From Junhao Lin’s group

Researchers in China shows nature is a gambler

From Xueming Yang’s group

Efficient production of sizeable single-crystal metal foils made possible

From Dapeng Yu’s group

SUSTech chemists published a perspective article about “quantum resonances near absolute zero” in Science

From Xueming Yang and Tiangang Yang’s group

SUSTech environmental scientist offers perspective on ending arsenic exposure from well water

From Yan Zheng

Nanoscale spectroscopy reveals the bright high-tech future

From Dayong Jin’s group

Human neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 found by Chinese researchers

From the Third People’s Hospital of Shenzhen

From January to December


Fuel cells to become longer-lasting and cheaper

From Meng Gu and Hu Xu’s group

Improved energy conversion efficiency for thermoelectric generation (TEG) devices

From Jiaqing He’s group

Earthquake process understanding improved dramatically under international research collaboration

From Kejie Chen’s group


Shenzhen-led joint research center publishes early warning app

From Yunjie Liu’s group

Sterilize a mask faster than an egg boils? SUSTech says yes!

From Xin Cheng’s group

SUSTech computer scientists develop improved novel coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission modeling platform


Joint study to reveal viral architecture of SARS-CoV-2 at first time

Local business leaders to be better for business, finds Chinese scholars

From Shufang Lai’s group

Researchers find improved method for synthesizing life-saving medicine

From Xumu Zhang’s group


3D printing of ceramics dramatically improves, following undergraduate research

From SUSTech undergraduate Tianqi Zheng

Digital metabolic mapping to provide new and improved technology for medical care

From Wenyong Zhang’s group

Energy solutions advanced through cutting-edge research in Shenzhen

From Xianglin Wang’s group


New methods for treating cancer through photothermal agents molecules developed

From Kai Li’s group

Single-atom catalysis could change storage of renewable energy

From Meng Gu’s group

Promising route found for emerging perovskite optoelectronic devices

From Kai Wang’s group


SUSTech physicists make new progress in the field of topological materials

From Gan Wang’s group

Novel method for medicinal chemistry skips heavy metals

From Tiezheng Jia’s group

New ways potentially found to treat and protect brain ischemia

From Shengtao Hou’s group


SUSTech researchers develop novel technique to understand RNA processing in plants

From Jixian Zhai

Electrical goods to perform better, and come to market sooner

From Qingsha Cheng’s group

First total synthesis of bioactive natural product achieved by SUSTech researchers

From Chuangchuang Li’s group


New progress in silicon-centered and sulfur-centered chiral compounds construction

From Chuan He’s group

New insights found into genomic architecture by SUSTech scholars

From Wenfei Le’s group

Molecular engineering of electrocatalysts could lead to a cleaner future


SUSTech uncovers the high-resolution structure of the varicella-zoster virus capsid

From Peiyi Wang’s group

New target found for treating high pulmonary arterial blood pressure

From Jinsong Bian’s group 

SUSTech researchers find harmonic spin-orbit angular momentum cascade in nonlinear optical crystals

From Guixin Li’s group


SUSTech researchers propose pathway for realizing lithium metal batteries with ultrahigh energy density

From Yongjong Deng’s group

New study reveals the dynamics and future trends of the seasonally frozen ground on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

From Chunmiao Zheng’s group

Recent advances in blue InP quantum dot light emitting diodes

From Xiaowei Sun and Kai Wang’s group


Dapeng Yu’s group make progress on the realization and detection of non-ergodic critical phases

Dayong Jin’s group create super-resolution “street view” of intracellular organelles’ interactions

Scientists discover a new type-I PDT material with NIR II fluorescence to improve cancer therapy

From Leilei Tian’s group


Kai Wang’s group make advances in perovskite light-emitting diodes

Feng He’s group make multiple advances in the research of 3D network acceptors in organic solar cells

SUSTech research team reveals biophysical feedback mechanism of tropical mountain deforestation

From Zhenzhong Zeng’s group


All these pictures were designed by the Office of Communications & Public Relations with the assistance of research groups.

2021, 01-08
By Zhong YANG

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